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If you are using the DriveWorks Administrator module only it is likely you know where this needs to be installed. But if you have purchased multiple modules, are. Learn about the differences between DriveWorksXpress, DriveWorks Solo Create documents (such as Sales Quotes, Purchase Orders, Bills of Materials, etc.). DriveWorks Pro Complete SOLIDWORKS® automation & online 3D product configurator software Try Examples Watch Video. DriveWorks Pro integrates seamlessly with company systems, helping you work more efficiently and effectively. DriveWorks SOLIDWORKS® automation eliminates errors and Missing: v15 ‎| ‎Must include: ‎v

By automating repetitive tasks, DriveWorks Pro saves time. It frees up engineers and sales teams to concentrate on more interesting, valuable and productive tasks. Reduce Cost of Custom Designs With DriveWorks you put the best methods and processes of your best engineers in to your configurator. You capture the rules and know-how; then next time you specify a variation of your design, you can let the computer do the calculations and repetitive work. Important Aid to Quality Control Because the results are based on your rules, calculations and logic, they are consistent and accurate, reducing the risk of costly errors.

This means that some existing rotation rules could now be rotating in the opposite direction. Please check your Drive3D document rules to ensure they are still working as expected. If you do have issues regarding these 2 changes, and you are unable to resolve them in a timely manner, please contact support driveworks. Please do not send us your group or project data. As ever please make sure you back up your DriveWorks data before upgrading to DriveWorks We also strongly recommend testing your DriveWorks 15 projects in a sandbox environment before rolling out to production.

Remember we issue NEW license codes for every new release. We do this to make it easier for you to thoroughly test before deploying in to your production environment. New License codes are sent to your DriveWorks Reseller when each new version is released.

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Common functions can be quickly accessed by clicking the drop down at the bottom. Revisions - Shows previous versions of the current rule and their comments. Revisions can store a maximum of characters. If the Rule is over this the rule will be truncated to the first characters in the revision history. A warning message will be displayed in the rule window when the rule will be truncated in the revision history. Quick Text - Provides a "clipboard" which can be used to save bits of rules that you commonly use.

Quick text is saved on your machine so that you can use it across projects to simplify writing similar rules. Quick Text also provides access to Special Variables by clicking the drop down at the bottom. Tables - Shows the tables that are in the project so that they can be used in rules.

Clear - Clears the contents of the Rule Editor. Settings - Enables you to customize the fonts and colors used to display rules, and create multiple profiles, e.

Help - Launches the help file. OK - Saves the current rule. Cancel - Cancels the current changes. The Rule Editor The rule editor is where you work with a rule, you can either type your rule directly in the rule editor, or use the function wizards and browsers on the rule builder to insert into the rule.

The rule is automatically colored and formatted by DriveWorks Solo using settings which you can modify by clicking the Settings button on the command bar. By default, if the rule is invalid, the background color changes to a light red, and if it is okay, then the background changes to a light green.

For more information on writing rules, see the introduction to writing rules. Auto-Complete Autocomplete provides all functions, constants, variables and table names in a pop up window that is filtered as you type in the rule editing window. Bracket Matching Bracket matching provides a clear indication of opening and closing parenthesis within rules. Place the cursor in front or behind any bracket within a rule and bracket matching will highlight the chosen bracket and the bracket it is paired with.

The highlighting color can be fully customized in the settings dialog of the rule builder. Rules Insight Rules insight gives clear instructions on the arguments required for any function when manually entering the rule in the rule editor window. As each argument is entered, rules insight highlights in Bold what the next argument should be, giving examples where appropriate.

When typing Functions in the Rule Builder rules insight can be closed by hitting the Escape key on the keyboard.

Rules insight will return when an argument is required, hitting Escape again will close rules insight. Right-click menu Further functions are available from the right-click menu in the rule editor window. The functions available depend on the selection made prior to the right-click: Edit Variable - Available when a variable is selected. Allows the rule of the selected variable to be edited in a separate rule builder window. DriveWorks Pro Improvements include, but are not limited to: Lighting - Configurable spot, directional and point lighting Textures - Driving textures and remapping texture coordinates Scaling - The ability to scale any model or assembly independently in X, Y and Z Visual and Numerical base position, scale and rotation with an additional rule set for each 3D Workshop — The functionality known as 3DWorkshop has been moved into the Drive3D document in DriveWorks Pro Administrator Much of the underlying math has been updated to allow these enhancements and a new entity structure has been added.

We have had to make 2 breaking changes to Drive3D documents to allow these important new features to exist. Both breaking changes have been implemented to minimise disruption or the requirement to change rules, however the following could still occur. Any rule in a Drive3D document that uses a MyName function could be broken, depending on which part of the MyName result is used in the rules. This is because the address of some entities has changed to allow for the new entity structure and lighting options.

In the previous version certain rotations were calculated incorrectly and were inverted. The rotations causing this have always existed but were not viewable before. However they can now be seen in the new 3D document. The rule editor in the middle. Help and diagnostics at the bottom. Browsers for variables etc on the right. The Command Bar The command bar has the following buttons: This means that some existing rotation rules could now be rotating in the opposite direction.

Please check your Drive3D document rules to ensure they are still working as expected. There is no typical or average fee, so it pays to shop around.

Once you decide to purchase DriveWorks Solo a permanent code is created and All license keys assigned to you will be listed under the Your DriveWorks. Purchase additional licenses from your reseller. , The code you entered has expired. Obtain a new activation code. Purchase a license from your reseller. With DriveWorks Pro you can create a Custom Configurator that ANYONE can use. Use DriveWorks Missing: Purchase ‎v

Web store Purchase DriveWorks v15

See Licensing DriveWorks Live for more information. It allows DriveWorks 3D. It is used to manage the database server that hosts DriveWorks shared groups. Activation There are 2 methods of activating each license type: Automatic Activation - The easiest method of activating the license.

Requires an internet connection on the machine requiring the activation. Manual Activation - Requires transfer of xml files that contain the licensing and activation information between the machine being activated and a machine with an internet connection.

Fixed License A fixed license is dedicated to the machine the DriveWorks product is installed on. Activation can be completed automatically on that machine if it is connected to the internet, or manually if not connected to the internet. If you have purchased a fixed license, click here to see the steps to follow to license your product. Step 1 Install the required DriveWorks application on the machine it is to be used on.

The Licensing Wizard will appear, this gives options to: Use a product code Fixed License. Connect to a license server Network License. Select Use a product code. Click Next. Each machine that needs to use the DriveWorks product must have the product installed but activating a Network License is done on the machine DriveWorks License Management is installed on. If you have purchased a network license, click here to see the steps to follow to license your product.

This machine must be on a network and be accessible by all machines running the individual DriveWorks applications that use a network license. Step 2 Launch the DriveWorks application installed in Step 1 above. Select Connect to a license server. A type of license that restricts the use of the software to a single computer. A type of software license that gives the ability to share a limited number of licenses among a large number of machines.

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