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Add files to or delete files from archives. Move and rename files inside archives. Have BetterZip remove Mac specific files from archives for archives that look and behave well on Windows. Edit archived files in an external application and BetterZip can update your archive. Open and Extract BetterZip can currently open and extract over 30 archive formats including: BetterZip can also join split files with enumerated file extensions , ,

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Robert, This is a small update that fixes only three issues: One problem I thought I fixed in version 3. When creating a zip archive with a custom extension, e. BetterZip 3. However, since this soon became the number one reported problem, I fixed it as quickly as possible with this new version 3. There are still a few bugs open that I know of.

They will be fixed with the next updates. These bugs have been fixed: El Capitan compatibility: Also, BetterZip crashed a lot. Saving with a preset with a set password still asked for a password. When creating a zip archive with a custom extension e. Added tbz2 and tb2 as recognized extensions for tar. BetterZip would go to sleep during an archive operation, when the system shut off the display.

App Nap is now prevented. BetterZip would crash, when a part of a multi-volume archive was opened while the exact same archive was already extracting with the operations queue. The QL generator window only offered the default, not any user-defined presets. There are three small enhancements I made: Added power user option to re-enable handling of AppleDouble. See Hidden Settings in the BetterZip help. Quick Look can now look into Corel brush libraries which are actually zip files.

The number of crash reports has gone back dramatically, but some new bugs have appeared. This was somewhat expected, since I rewrote or at least touched nearly every part of BetterZip. Thanks for the patient and friendly error reporting to everyone who wrote in! I have now fixed the most serious bugs and two crashers with the new updated version 3.

BetterZip could crash when extracting archives with the operations queue. On OS X Fixed a superfluous error message when extracting a folder while also selecting its contents. Compressing files by dropping them on the queue window was broken. Password handling was not working correctly in some situation. There are two small enhancements I made: Included the latest unrar library 5.

There are still some bugs open that I know of and that will be fixed with the next updates. A lot of work went into this new version, I estimate a full year, and I hope you will like it as much as I do. BetterZip 2 already looks and feels ancient when I open it now. The biggest addition is the new Direct Mode which speeds up working with large archives by making archive preparation and recompression obsolete. The old mode that allows you to prepare archives with the safety of undo capabilities for all operations before finally saving is still around.

When working with gigabyte archives however, the Direct Mode is a huge timesaver. Next, BetterZip 3 adds a password generator which suggests strong passwords whenever you need them. If you like the Safari style better, you can use that, too.

The Quick Look generator has always been and remains free to use for everyone, but there is one neat new feature that requires a BetterZip license: You can now click a file in the Quick Look panel, at which point command is handed over to BetterZip which extracts and displays the clicked file.

New in version 3 is support for XZ archives, winmail. And then there are archive comments. You know that the ZIP and RAR format support archive comments, which are a special field inside the archive that can be read and edited, but which are not extracted as files. BetterZip 3 displays these comments and lets you edit them. The place for this is the sidebar on the right side that can normally show a preview of the currently selected file. When no file is selected, there is this big empty space that no one needs.

Now you can edit your comments there. ZIP is a widely used file format and I get ninehundretandfourtyseven emails a year asking for this and that filename extension to be added to BetterZip, because they are really just ZIP files. In BetterZip 3 you can enter filter patterns on-the-fly instead of configuring them beforehand in the preferences. And for simpler requirements you can use file search masks e.

There is a lot more stuff, as always, please consult the version history. We leave without drama or hard feelings, but I am no longer able to maintain a version of BetterZip for sale through my website and at the same time another version limited in many ways to comply with the rules Apple enforces for apps sold through its store. The Mac App Store did two things for us: As for updating, BetterZip can update itself automatically just fine.

As many of you have noticed, the latest version of BetterZip 2. Anyone who purchased a license in the Mac App Store can download version 2.

The direct version will recognize your license you need to have started the MAS version at least once before the upgrade and work without any limitations. Still with me?

All this comes in preparation of the imminent release of BetterZip 3. The new version has many new features, some of which are really big additions. The biggest being the new Direct Mode which lets you directly create and modify archives which makes a huge difference when working with large archives. Also new: These two are just teasers, the rest will be revealed in a few weeks time. If you are interested in participating in the beta test, drop me a line: All customers who purchased BetterZip in the Mac App Store will be able to benefit from the discounted upgrade price just like customers who purchased in my web store.

If you buy a license for BetterZip 2 now, the upgrade to version 3 will be free! BetterZip Quick Look Generator 1. The last OS X version With a bit of help from Randy Saldinger, the developer of the great Suspicious Package , I worked around this problem and on the way added a few tweaks. More information on downloading and installing the new BetterZip Quick Look Generator can be found here.

BetterZip 2. This new version fixes a few incompatibilities with OS X Here is a list of the bugs I fixed in 2. Fixed the localizations for OS X Fixed some user interface problems on OS X Some tar.

Extracting multiple tar archives with the queue failed. There will be an updated version in a few days. Please check back in a week or so. This new version fixes one more incompatibility with OS X Uncompressed tar now works correctly on OS X The radio buttons in the preset lists in the preferences could get confused. Includes the latest unrar. This new version is fully compatible with OS X I also added support for the new RAR 5 format. Compressing and extracting files with extended file attributes xattrs are now fully supported.

Added a safeguard against storing empty passwords in the password manager. CPGZ archives are handled correctly again. In some cases the main menu was not displayed in the correct language or only partially. Prevent a very rare crash after upgrading from an older version.

Added a Spanish translation for names of default preset. Added a safeguard against malformed zip archives. If you bought a license in the Mac App Store, starting with this version you can use the updates from my web server too.

The other way around is still not possible due to Apple not allowing it. Currently the only difference between the two versions is the installation of the external rar utility which is fully automated in the non-MAS version while you have to download and install rar manually in the MAS versions.

A big thanks to Zelu House for the new Spanish localization! Fixed a small memory leak.


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