Product Review: EditReady, from divergent media

EditReady automatically parses camera media and metadata and converts to high quality edit formats so you can get to work fast. Output QuickTime movies for Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro, FCPX, and iMovie. EditReady is a modern transcoding and rewrap application by the ‎Trial · ‎Buy · ‎Support · ‎Avchd. Installing. EditReady is available as a direct download from After you've downloaded it from our website, just drag and drop the. Jan 27, - EditReady is published by divergent media, an independent Aside from the time to download, installation takes less than five minutes.

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Download Divergent media EditReady price

I'm using a nMP 3. Except for maybe the LUT feature that really is great. But since this is a piece of software for professionals the price will be probably worth it even if you just like one tiny feature. EditReady definitely lacks many basic functions: So you have to shut down the application through right clicking and launching it again. The proliferation of cameras shooting QuickTime movies means that more footage is being shot with greater ease, but it's not footage that feeds directly into the editing process, so it takes some prep work. This is where EditReady comes in.

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