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Like SmartSound's QuickTracks, Cinescore lets you pick a theme and automatically arranges musical elements - like the intro, verse, chorus, break and finale - to create a custom soundtrack that fits the length of your scene perfectly. Twenty themes are provided, ranging from wide cinematic audioscapes to tight, punchy soundtracks with a couple of cheesy numbers for good measure , and further theme packs are on the horizon. Cinescore also comes with a wide selection of audio transitions, too. Unlike QuickTracks, Cinescore allows for a much greater level of adjustment after the initial track is built. As well as selecting the starting section, mood and arrangement, you can add markers called "Hints" to the timeline, which allow you to tweak Section, Mood, Tempo and Intensity at key points, with a high degree of control. For instance, Intensity has a sliding percentile scale that lets you adjust how "layered" the music is, with higher values bringing in more instruments.

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Slick core editing tools, but Vegas is slipping behind the competition. Advertisement Sony Back in , a video editing application called VideoFactory arrived without much fanfare, but was the first affordable package that felt like a serious creative tool. Eight versions, various name changes and a Sony buy-out later, it hasn't altered much.

The precision and elegant simplicity that made VideoFactory such a delight to use remain intact, but Sony appears to be finding it increasingly hard to find ways to improve the package.

The most visible change this time is to the layout, with the timeline now at the bottom and the preview and other tabbed panels above. A New Project wizard sets the software to the appropriate region and output format, and a Cinescore plug-in generates musical accompaniments.

As usual, Sony has fallen back on improved format support to bulk out the list of new features. AVCHD support now extends to the latest cameras that record at x rather than x pixels. Sony claims the handling of HDV footage has also been improved, but when we compared preview and rendering performance between versions 8 and 9 we found no difference.

It's now possible to upload to YouTube from within Vegas, and we particularly liked the option to upload at Normal or Higher quality settings. Perhaps the best news is the ability to export in high definition H. Vegas Movie Studio Platinum has supported high definition HD video for years, but this latest release is the first to offer a viable way to share HD footage with other users.

Blu-ray Disc now appears among the Burn Disc options, and selecting it generates a menu-less Blu-ray disc of your timeline.

The resulting discs won't play in all Blu-ray players, though. It's still by far the most sophisticated DVD authoring tool at this price, but it's blissfully unaware of Blu-ray.

The cheaper version lacks HD and various effects. The Pro Pack bundles the Platinum edition with Sony's excellent audio editor, Sound Forge Audio Studio 9, a sound effect library, some extra video effects and Cinescore Themes, plus - while stocks last - a 2GB flash drive. However, it's these ambitious users who are likely to be disappointed by other parts of the software.

The limitation to four video and four audio tracks compares badly with the competition, and object animation - for creating animated text, intro sequences and lots more - is clumsy compared to Adobe Premiere Elements. The biggest disappointment is the lack of full Blu-ray authoring.

Premiere Elements search for at www. Vegas Movie Studio's core editing features are unsurpassed, but Sony needs to compete on features too if it's to regain its advantage. Read more.

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