Which of these 5 apps can replace Softimage?

How To Buy Autodesk Softimage Softimage will be the last version release of the software. As of March 28, , customers will no longer be able to purchase new standalone licenses. Purchase Autodesk Softimage Outright Five. Upgrade paths are also available for customers who are not on Subscription. Although this decision is a difficult one, we do believe that by focusing our development efforts, we can better serve the needs of the media and entertainment industry and provide customers with better products, faster. Autodesk Smoke for Mac OS X: G1: Autodesk Softimage G1: Autodesk Softimage Entertainment Creation Suite Standard G1: Autodesk Vault Collaboration G1: Autodesk Vault Collaboration AEC G1: Autodesk Vault Office G1: Autodesk Vault Professional G1: Autodesk Vault Workgroup G1.

It started out a bit later than some, but received steady development and is now a very powerful and widely adopted program. Some might say C4D is not as powerful as SI, and view this as a step down. But if you didn't really need all the power and gadgets in SI, this could be a wonderful option. Competitive cross-grade offers may bring some additional discounts. Lightwave Lightwave joins Cinema 4D in the mid-range options Lightwave is a peer program to Cinema 4D depending on who you talk to, of course.

Both are in the upper midrange of power, and complexity. Lightwave is known for its character work, and generally considered easy to use. There may be some things about LW that make the transition from SI a bit easier than other options. As of this writing, purchase price for LW Version Blender It's free - and with an open source community behind it, it's getting better all the time Don't laugh. Being free, Blender is often dismissed as a pro tool for 3D artists, but it's increasingly capable.

And given that it's constantly being developed by its open-source enthusiasts, it would be foolish to discount it as a future contender. With some artists saying they now view Autodesk as a company that's more interested in profit than supporting artists, at some point a move to a community-backed alternative may be the logical conclusion.

You can find more about what Blender is capable of right now in this article. I've often wished - fantasized really, that I could wait until one of those magic times when the OS and applications are all working very well Mac OS 6. Then just pick up and move to a desert island! There I would never hear of an upgrade again, and happily remain in a state of top-functioning isolation.

All software frozen in time. Alas, the real world dashes such idealistic plans. Your OS or other applications will likely get upgraded and at some point become less compatible with your frozen-in-time software.

One solution to this: This is a good excuse to get yourself a new main workstation anyway! On the upside, you may not have to worry about compatibility issues at all. While there is no way to know beforehand, SI might just work really well with whatever you throw at it down the road. For example, I have a seat of Maya that is working perfectly well in on a new box running Win 7.

Masters of CG is an exciting new competition for EU residents that offers you the one-in-a-lifetime chance to work with one of AD's most iconic characters: Pirates got more aggressive and developers followed suit. To protect their interests, the devs now required you to activate your license online. Deactivate it when you moved the app to another machine. It was still okay though. The app was still yours. Now comes along that evil prick called Mr. Damn him. We still own that. We can terminate that right at any time and for any reason, good or bad.

They now have complete control over who uses their app, for how long, and under what terms. No more buying. No more owning. No more keeping. The income earned outweighs the annual expense. In the latter case, who cares what it costs? Somebody else is footing the bill. Even if they do offer a monthly rate, well, you still might be screwed. However, I can understand how some hobbyists or very poor artists living in other nations might be driven to do something so desperate.

Developers, in trying to combat piracy, might actually be making it worse to a certain degree. My point? Software as a service is bad.

A 3D program is a tool. It should be treated no differently than a physical hammer in your toolbox or the car in your garage. Treating it like a utility such as water or electric hurts everybody. It also wrongly shifts the balance of power. My buying power should give me more rights, not fewer. Developers are penalizing paying customers for the misdeeds of the thieves. Different audience. Same punishment. Just shut up, take my money, give my my software, and go away until I need support or an upgrade.

Sadly, few developers agree with me. Gotta milk that cash cow. They once had a fairly decent foothold in the TV and film industry, but CORE was such a bungled effort that they lost ground. On top of that, key team members left NewTek to create MODO - which is why there are a number of noteworthy similarities.

NewTek lowering the price of LW reeks of desperation. Unfortunately, lowering the price as they have puts LW squarely in a different tier of apps.

I put two identical looking cars on a lot. This is the very same problem that Blender faces. Blender is an amazing app and far more robust than any free app has a right to be. It is now competitive in a way that it never was in the past. Defying all logic, because those apps cost more - a lot more in some cases - end users are far less prone to being nitpicky. LOL LightWwave costing what it does now hurts its overall public perception.

Costs less? Must be worth less. They waited 3 years between v and v duh. In that time, they could have something radical. NewTek could have finally integrated Modeler and Layout. Tack on the time wasted on CORE and the defense for not integrating just keeps on getting weaker - especially in light of lagging sales.

Autodesk Softimage 2015 Purchase cost

Overview[ edit ] Autodesk Softimage is a 3D animation application comprising a suite of computer graphics tools. Subdivision modeling requires no additional operators and works directly on the polygonal geometry. Each modeling operation is tracked by a construction history stack, which enables artists to work non-destructively.

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