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Autodesk autocad mechanical 2014 low price price

AutoCAD Mechanical is now available to download and buy. AutoCAD Mechanical has a free trial download. AutoCAD Mechanical design software helps save hours of design time, so you can spend time innovating rather than drafting.

The powerful features in AutoCAD Mechanical design and drafting software help to automate common design tasks, facilitate increased drafting productivity, and offer mechanical engineers a competitive edge. Detail views include full control of shape, scale, and annotations. Select dimensions, and you can insert symbols, add or modify fits and tolerances, add prefix or suffix text, and modify precision while seeing a real-time preview.

With multiple diameters along a shaft selected, applying an h6 fit applies the tolerance to each dimension, based on the nominal size. Annotation Monitor Use the annotation monitor in AutoCAD Mechanical to check for disassociated annotations in the model space, as well as in each paper space layout. Each disassociated annotation such as dimension, leader note, or surface texture symbol is flagged by an in-canvas badge, which also provides access to Delete and Reassociate commands, giving you complete feedback on the accuracy of your documentation.

Infer Constraint Integration AutoCAD Mechanical enables you to geometrically and dimensionally constrain rectangles, symmetrical lines, and centerlines in mechanical designs. Turn on Auto Constrain, and geometrical constraints are inferred automatically—while creating the objects. Once constrained, rectangles remain rectangular, and centerlines remain in the center of circles or holes. These symbols now support surface indication leaders.

Surface indication leaders enable these symbols to be attached to edges and remain associative to objects, but originate from a surface or face. Inventor Fusion sets a new standard for 3D modeling ease of use, enabling you to intelligently edit 3D models from almost any source, and helping you to experience the benefits of 3D in the native DWG format. In addition, bill of materials BOM setup is easier with automatic mapping of BOM properties and automatic creation of migration templates.

Autodesk Content Explorer The Autodesk Content Explorer enables you to instantly find your design content based on file objects or text attributes. It creates an index of your data based on where you instruct it to look, helping you to quickly access files, blocks, layers, linetypes, and styles, and enabling you to access and insert data into DWG files.

Drawing views, edge display, and location are instantly updated when an engineering change is made. With automatic dimensioning, you can create multiple dimensions with minimal input, resulting in instant groups of ordinate, parallel, or symmetric items that are appropriately spaced. Smart dimensioning tools force overlapping dimensions to automatically space themselves appropriately while integrating tolerance and fit list information into the mechanical design.

Dimension input can even drive and change design geometry to fit certain sizes. Support for International Drafting Standards Increase productivity with tools that help you and your team deliver consistent, standards-based design documentation. Adhering to a standard environment improves team communication and helps drive consistent production results.

AutoCAD Mechanical also includes drafting tools for creating standards-based surface texture symbols, geometric dimensioning and tolerances, datum identifiers and targets, notes, taper and slope symbols, and weld symbols.

AutoCAD Mechanical engineering software includes support for multiple parts lists for each drawing, collapsible assemblies, automatic recognition of standard parts, and customizable options so that features can be revised to match current company practices.

Change a design once, and updates ripple through the entire mechanical drawing to keep everyone on schedule, reducing costly stops in production from incorrect part counting, identification, and ordering. Get more consistent results on the shop floor by producing accurate mechanical drawings using a comprehensive set of standards-based components. AutoCAD Mechanical software supports international mechanical drafting standards and includes libraries of more than , standard parts, including: Screws, nuts, and washers Plugs, lubricators, and sealing rings Bearing and shaft components Through, tapped, blind, and oblong holes Undercuts, keyways, and thread ends Reusable Detailing Tools Built to save you time, AutoCAD Mechanical has a specific tool for almost every aspect of the mechanical drafting process.

Many of these mechanical drafting tools have the intelligence that helps users easily re-edit features without having to remove and re-create the original feature. For example, you can easily resize a chamfer or fillet through the original dialog box parameters by simply double-clicking the chamfer or fillet. Tools include: Detail views—Easily create linked views at different scales Hole charts—Automatically update charts for the shop floor Title and revision blocks—English and metric versions are available Layer Management The intelligent layer management system in AutoCAD Mechanical automatically places items on the correct layer, color, and linetype as you create your mechanical drawing.

You can easily customize the software based on your company requirements. Hidden Lines Ramp up your productivity by defining simple foreground and background selections that automatically redraw geometry to show hidden or dashed lines of parts obstructed by other parts in your design. The hidden lines automatically update when changes occur, virtually eliminating time-consuming manual redrawing of geometry due to iterative changes. Identical parts can have different geometrical appearances when in hide situations.

AutoCAD Mechanical recognizes that they are still identical parts, if you need to change the design or get an accurate count for the parts list. Built into the application environment, these tools are extremely helpful when making small, iterative changes to improve your mechanical design. They not only create parts according to your specifications, but they also create all the reports and calculations you need to analyze the design.

AutoCAD Mechanical includes shaft, spring, belt, chain, and cam generators. Key features include an improved Grip Snap tool and a Size-by-Drag tool.


AutoCAD Mechanical 2014: Parts List

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