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That means clients on your network will have to be running OS X Without Outlook support, trying to combine Windows calendaring clients with iCal Server is more work that many small- or medium-sized companies will want to take on. For many companies, its new logging tools will be the biggest change. You could log chats in Mac OS X With Mac OS X In an all-Mac environment, iChat Server is a great way to implement instant messaging.

Since iChat server is based on the Jabber protocol, you have to use a Jabber-compatible client. Wikis are perfect for creating company documentation; for example, I use them to develop online IT manuals. You can define different levels of access, so you can lock down who gets to write and edit. Server Admin: For more advanced installations, you use the Server Admin utility to manage services; for managing users and groups, you use the Workgroup Manager.

You manage these new installation types using the new Server Preferences administration utility. To access all of Mac OS X These new installation types are handy, but they do have some problems.

To administer Advanced installations, you have to use the Server Admin application instead of the simpler Server Preferences. That said, Server Admin has received a major facelift. The UI has been changed to better deal with large numbers of servers, and it has better monitoring features to help you keep tabs on those servers.

The good news is, Time Machine is simple enough that it really eliminates most of the obstacles that cause most people to bypass backing up their data. If you can buy a big hard drive and plug it into your Mac, you can keep your data safe. Boot Camp serves a useful purpose in that it provides basic Windows compatibility and the ability to run Windows programs at native speeds.

Its mere presence provides a basic level of Windows compatibility that many potential Windows-to-Mac switchers will find comforting. Spaces Multiple-workspace utilities, which let you switch between various collections of application windows in order to reduce clutter, have been around for years on numerous platforms, including Mac OS X.

To drag a window out of a cluttered workspace and into a pristine one, you just drag the window to the edge of the screen and, after a momentary pause, the existing space will disappear and the window will appear by itself. A four-workspace, two-display set of Spaces. However, Spaces does have some quirks. Some of my third-party applications became quite confused until I set them to appear in every space. Still, Apple should be credited for bringing such a geeky feature to a broader group of users.

While Spaces might never become a feature that takes the world by storm, it does have the potential to dramatically improve the productivity of many users who would never have downloaded a third-party workspace utility. Quick Look Quick Look, which appears throughout Leopard, is a technology that lets users preview the contents of documents without opening the program that was used to create them. Click on a Microsoft Word file in the Finder and press space, and the entire file will appear before you, ready to be read but not edited.

Select a movie and press space, and the movie will expand and begin to play. That same Quick Look technology lets you optionally set Finder views to display live previews of documents. Spotlight and the Open and Save dialog boxes are also Quick Look savvy.

Righting wrongs and improving features In addition to the new features introduced in Leopard, this operating system release includes major updates to numerous existing programs that are included with Mac OS X. It made for a great demo, but in everyday use Spotlight was a real letdown. The iCal interface is more straightforward and responsive, and the ability to edit entries by double-clicking on them eliminates the unwieldy Get Info pane of previous versions.

And perhaps most importantly, iChat now allows you to log into multiple AIM accounts at once. Apple Mail 3. Mail seems to be an odd place to stow this information, and the to-do interface in Mail is poorer than the one in iCal. Another out-of-place Mail feature addition is support for RSS feeds, which are already supported in Safari and numerous third-party feed-reading programs.

Preview 4. Numerous other included tools have received major improvements in Leopard, as well. Safari 3, which has been available in beta form since June , offers a dramatically improved Find command and resizable text fields for Web forms. And Front Row, which replaces the Mac interface with a remote-control driven menu system for navigating iTunes content, has been updated to use essentially the same software as the Apple TV hardware device, meaning any Mac with an infrared sensor and Leopard can play back music and videos using the slick Apple TV interface.

May 17,  · Buy Mac OS X Leopard Retail at a low price from the Amazon Software store. Mac OS X Leopard Retail Every Mac is secure--right out of the box--thanks to the proven foundation of Mac OS X. Apple engineers have designed Leopard with more security to protect your personal data and make your online life safer/5(57). Apple Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server by Apple is a piece of software that can be deployed on Mac platforms. It falls under the Operating Systems category. The Full Version Retail package for Unlimited allows the product to be installed on the supported Apple Mac OS X operating system. In addition, the product is distributed through DVD/5(8). Global Nav Open Menu Global Nav Close Menu; Apple; Shopping Bag.

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Updated across the board, with a slew of major new features, it could be almost everything a small- to medium-sized business needs in a server OS. Mac OS X For the most part, iCal Server is easy to set up. Server Preferences:

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