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Autosketch At the very bottom is a row of three buttons to toggle Path, Point, and Border modes explained below. Setup To get started, place the dock in an obstacle-free area, flip on the power switch, and let the robot charge to full. For the initial charge, iLife recommends 12 hours. To start cleaning you have two options. If you want an auto clean, simply press the Start button to wake up the robot, then press it again to start cleaning. Alternatively, you can press the Path button to enable a more methodical back-and-forth clean in a single room.

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Flex Time is a bit fiddly A little buggy here and there Apple used its Back to the Mac media event back in October to unleash a new version of the iLife software - as well as the new MacBook Air. There's also the new Places functionality which highlights geotagged photos on a map. The UI - which also includes a slideshow feature - has also been overhauled to look a little more like an iOS app than previous versions. Also part of iLife '11 is a new version of iMovie.

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